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Why you should let us handle your social media…

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There are many benefits to small businesses using Goyex for their social media needs. These benefits add up to a value far greater than the $300 per month the client pays for our service. The following list details all the benefits of working with us:


Time. The one thing none of us has enough of is time. And this is especially true of small business owners. They are wearing lots of different hats, and there never seems to be enough time in the day. If we can take just one task off their plate every day, it means a lot to them. With Goyex, we post for them on a daily basis, and we post outstanding content. This saves them from searching for content and remembering to post regularly. One less thing on their minds!


Quality. Even if a small business owner can find the time each day to post to his/her social media profiles, most don’t know what to post. We see this every day. People sometimes only post self-promotional material (seen as “spammy” to their audience), or they post mostly personal content or pictures of cute animals. Our Content Specialists at Goyex are trained to find unique, interesting content that speaks to the client’s target audience. It’s harder to find this content, but it makes a big difference in the effectiveness of social media.

Peace of mind. At any given moment, there are a dozen things on a busy business owner’s mind. By hiring Goyex for their social media, small business owners have one less thing to worry about; one less thing to plan for; one less thing to manage on a daily basis. One thing may not seem like a lot, but when your day is so busy you can’t seem to find a moment’s peace, that “one less thing” means a whole lot more.


Consistency. When someone searches for a business on Facebook or Twitter (which happens all the time – social proof is the new way to shop), too often they see dormant or poorly managed pages. This gives a bad impression, just like a badly designed website would. When given the choice, most people would rather do business with someone who obviously maintains an active presence, rather than someone whose last activity online was 4 months ago. Goyex content goes out daily, so our clients can rest assured that when someone sees their social media profiles, they know their company is alive and well.


Credibility and Authority. Would you rather buy from an expert or a novice? From someone who you know has knowledge on the topic, or someone who you aren’t really sure about? The industry-relevant content we post demonstrates expertise in topics related to a client’s business, which boosts their credibility and authority in the eyes of their audience. Goyex helps show the world that the client knows their business and “gets” their client base.


Engagement and Community Building. The goal of each Goyex Content Specialist is to create content that will encourage engagement with the client’s audience. Conversation starters, well-placed questions, and compelling calls to action spur interaction, and that interaction helps to increase the client’s loyal following, building a strong, engaged online community.


SEO. Google has recently acknowledged that “social signals” do exist, and they matter in search results. While they are only one part of the overall algorithm used to determine page rank, Google and other search engines know that a consistent social media presence is one indication that a company is legitimate and active online. Goyex Content Specialists use the client’s Profile Questionnaire to determine keywords related to the business, and we use hashtags to further enhance the SEO benefits within the social networks as well as on the search engines.


Customized Attention. Each business is different and has specific needs. While we offer one core plan, it is anything but cookie-cutter. First, our Content Specialists research each client, their industry, and their target market. This allows us to post highly relevant content that is customized to the audience each client is trying to reach. Beyond that, each client is assigned a dedicated Small Business Account Manager who is their point of contact for the client to communicate feedback and suggestions, or even to provide specific content. Having a big sale next week that you want to be promoted on social? Just tell your Account Manager, and we’ll be sure to get it blasted out. Didn’t like that last post that went up? We aren’t always perfect, but we’re very willing to accept and follow your feedback. Let us know how we’re doing, and we’ll make any necessary adjustments right away.

Subscribe today for only $300 a month