The Goyex Process

Our process is one that requires extensive participation and communication from the client so that the end result meets or exceeds the client’s initial expectations. This process ensures that the project meets the client’s requirements throughout the entire life-cycle. Our team has used this process for many years and has met with unparalleled success.

How does our process work?

Projects are broken up into in short iterations, typically one to two weeks. At the beginning of each iteration, we meet to select the features, which should be implemented during that iteration, and to present the work done during the previous iteration. This allows our clients to change the priority or the features of the project at each iteration.

During each iteration meeting, Goyex Technologies will present an accounting of the time spent during the previous iteration. This enables our clients to maintain a tight control over the project’s budget and make informed decisions about feature priority. It also ensures that the results of your project meet your company’s immediate needs.

We feel that this nimble process keeps the relationship between Goyex Technologies and our Client/Partners strong.

Our goal is to provide an open, highly communicative environment to encourage quality results and long-term relationships.

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