IF you were truthful and no one was listening, what do you really want? #placeyourfnorder

I have chased success and learned how to implement systems and become efficient at working smart, not hard because I’m generally lazy (limiting belief, I know) so I’m constantly seeking the “coast” (both gliding and beach). My ultimate goal is to live beachside, surf in a clean sandy-bottomed ocean and skate all day, eat good food, have lots of hammock time and tons of personal contact with my family. #placeyourfnorder

We are bombarded daily with messages and pressures to only be financially successful. The funny part about that is, that people that are incredibly successful always talk about the things that they are working on to make themselves happy. Most struggle with it and have to work really hard at it.

Who are the happy people in your world? Are they your bosses, or financially successful people in your community or are they your librarian, the lady that helps you at the health food store, or your yoga instructor? Do you daydream of having their stress-free life?

Life will never be without hardship, but chasing the dollar is not the only path to happiness. Instead, I’m wondering if we should seek the things to make life easier rather than constantly seeking challenge.