SEO MindMap

SEO is NOT Hard…Here’s the poop.

SEO is hard!….. I hear that and the following phrases all the time! “I don’t understand that stuff” “I am glad to be working with you guys because SEO is confusing to me”* This is fine. People don’t need to understand SEO but it would certainly be better if they did. Because I also hear … Continue Reading

A List of Successful People That Changed My Life

(When I write for public consumption I have been inspired by something strongly enough that I feel compelled to write. I go straight from the hip and don’t edit except for spelling) I was asked to write a list of successful people in my life as part of a meditation program this morning and even … Continue Reading

It’s Better to Treat People Like Dogs

I don’t know much about his background. I don’t know what city, town or neighborhood he was born, I don’t know if his previous owners/parents were rich or poor. He isn’t perfect. He’s not a perfect specimen of his breed. He Snores, farts, marks furniture sometimes in the house and gets into the trash all the time and spreads it all over. The dude’s got issues.

Bad Data Bomb blowing up CRM

Is your CRM Killing your business?

If you’re like me, you go bananas if you find out that information in your CRM isn’t correct or missing. A single piece of misinformation can completely torpedo a deal. Wrong contact info, wrong contextual information, lack of notes, or just lack of info in general, could all lead you to miss a sale or … Continue Reading