Bad Data Bomb blowing up CRM

Is your CRM Killing your business?

If you’re like me, you go bananas if you find out that information in your CRM isn’t correct or missing. A single piece of misinformation can completely torpedo a deal. Wrong contact info, wrong contextual information, lack of notes, or just lack of info in general, could all lead you to miss a sale or […]

12 Things to Consider When Hiring Remote Sales

You’ve decided it’s time to hire a salesperson or team to expand your business. If you’ve never dealt with salespeople you may need to take a step back and review the questions below BEFORE trying to hire.   Typically, the decision to decide to add a remote sales team or salesperson is rooted in a […]

Please train your salespeople so they don’t ruin my day.

I receive calls all day from people trying to sell me leads from various online platforms and usually just brush them off or ignore their communications. Recently, I had my VA search out and contact a number of these lead vendors directly and get basic information on their services. After my VA had finished the […]

Outsourcing Sales Pros and How to Attract Them

As a sales professional myself, I’d like to provide some insight to employers into what I think a sales pro is looking for from a potential job. This is only if you are looking for a top performing pro, not if you are just looking for someone to make phone calls for you.   Sales […]